Samsung Tablet Initial Login and Setup

When To Use

This tutorial is for tablets that have gone through initial activation and are ready for final login and setup.  This locks the tablet in a mode that is HIPAA compliant and operates in a way that's easier to manage and more reliable.

It is important not to log into any other applications or use any other services as those services will no longer be available once you've completed the setup. For example, personal Gmail. If you add your account, you won't be able to remove it later or be able to access it.

Login Email

You should have received an email with a message similar to below. If you have not yet received a similar email or deleted it, please email and let them know so they can resend you a new one.

Navigate to the MAAS360 Application

Unlock the tablet and click the "All Apps" icon

Launch the MAAS360 Application

Accept all license agreements

Sign into MAAS360 with Email Sent Earlier

Notify Anchor Networks

Email or call Anchor Networks ( (925-249-1226 x1) and let them know that you've successfully logged into the MAAS360. They will push down the final configuration and make sure all necessary applications install.

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