Therapist's Tablets Samsung Activation

Power on and start activation process

Select wireless network, enter passphrase and connect

Network should be connected

Skip the next few settings

Set Screenlock

Should be set to 'trumpet1' without quotes

Select "Password" and set it to 'trumpet1'

Confirm that password

Skip next sections, taking default values

Now we wait for the MDM software to load

And then it begins

Accept terms and agreement

Now we sign in to load kiosk and apps

Complete remaining configuration steps

Tablet should go "Out-of-Compliance" and you'll need to Encrypt tablet

Make sure tablet battery is at 100% and plugged in

If the tablet is not fully charged and plugged in, you will not be able to select "Encrypt Device". The encryption process doesn't really take that long. Maybe 5-10 minutes.

After encryption, call or send request to Anchor Networks to load Therapists kiosk policy

You may need to make sure all apps are installed

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