Secure Encrypted Email

If you have activated secure email with us you are probably wondering how to set it up and use it.

Two ways for you to use this,

1) Install the Outlook Toolbar. Probably the best option.


2) Use the web portal. A good backup to have the link:


Download and Install Outlook Toolbar

  1. In the pop-up installation confirmation window, click Run.  The toolbar will be installed.


  2. Follow the prompts, Select "Yes" and "OK" as needed.
  3. Click OK once registration is completed.


  4. If open, close Outlook and then restart.

Read a Secure Message

  1. Open Outlook and select a secure message from your inbox. (Double click the email to fully open it).


  2. View the associated delivery slip details on the right menu.  (Note that each section may be expanded by clicking on the + icon.)


    Create a Secure Message

    1. On the Outlook Home ribbon, click the New Secure option.


    2. On the secure message, enter the recipient (e-mail address) in the To: box, enter a subject in the Subject: box, and then enter your message in the message body.


    3. Select the appropriate Delivery Slip option(s) on the right menu.  (Note that the Delivery Slip allows the message sender to set the initial conversation options.)


    4. Select any attachments using the Message Attachments block.


    5. Once complete, click the Send button.
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