Full Exchange Android Setup

If you wish to be able to synchronize your Full Exchange account with your Android phone or tablet, please email to have ActiveSync activated on your account. There is no charge for this. If you have an Exchange Lite account, we are sorry but ActiveSync cannot be activated for that account type however you're more than welcome to configure just email access using IMAP.

These screenshots were specifically taken from the Google Nexus 7 so your setup may vary and often different manufacturers make changes to the setup process.

If you find you're having difficulty getting to the settings screen in order to put in all the server information, cancel out of what you're doing and try a fake email address at the beginning of the setup. For example, try the email address with any password. That should fail and take you to the manual setup page. Don't forget to change the email address and password to your actual email address and password once you get there! Good luck!












The domain\username as follows:\ 

Some Android devices have the domain and username as a separate fields so look yours over carefully when entering the necessary information.

Server name is also








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