Exchange Lite FAQ

Q: Can I use Outlook Windows or Mac client?
A: No, this is because Exchange Lite does not support the protocols required to allow connection with Outlook. 

Q: Can I access my email with my mobile phone?
A: Yes, adding your Exchange Lite account as an IMAP account will work perfectly. Instructions on how to do this are in this forum. You can't however synchronize your calendar and contacts. That requires ActiveSync which is only support with the Full Exchange account type.

Q: How much storage is provided?
A: Exchange Lite accounts have a max of 2GB of storage. Full Exchange accounts have unlimited storage.

Q: Can I import my existing calendar and contacts?
A: Unfortunately this version of Outlook Web does not support the importation of existing calendars and contacts. 

Q: Is there another mail tool I can use to be able to read and reply to email offine?
A: While not directly supported, you could use Thunderbird or Inbox2 or any other IMAP application to connect to your Exchange Lite account. 

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