Where are my emails with ZIP attachments?

Emails with .zip attachments are classified as malware. Because of the significantly increased use of using zip files to slip malware through anti-virus scanners, we're having to block and quarantine all of them for safety.

You can check for legitimate .zip attachments by logging into the Spam Portal.


Open up a browser and go to the website

Login with your company email and password.

The Portal

Under "SpamLab" select "Quarantine."


Once at the "Quarantine" tab click on "Malware." All emails considered to be dangerous will be on this list. If you see an email that you need released, please contact Anchor Networks.

Anchor Networks:

(925) 249-1226 ext 1

(863) 226-0889 ext 1

Log Out

Once you have contacted support you can log out of the portal. In the top right corner is the "Log Out" button.

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